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Hannah AceHannah Ace23:41 08/16/22


KokoKoko15:57 08/15/22
They treated my friends with the most disrespect. Don’t go to this place

LaylaLayla14:59 08/15/22
Wow. The way they treated my cousin is disgusting… don’t go there. These people are incompetent. Don’t waste your time guys.

MaggMagg14:56 08/15/22
Changing my review. Read first one below.They sent me a link to write and review, but I guess if you’re honest they remove you as a client.I just got a call and they told me they will not see me as a client anymore because I said that I felt uncomfortable with the dentist. He was arrogant, disengaged, hubristic and had not smiled once during the entire proceeding. His assistant was speaking more to me than him, the ACTUAL dentist. They called and said that HE felt uncomfortable because of an honest review. Instead of apologizing and saying it was a misunderstanding on their part, they blamed it on me. Victim blaming at its finest. Will definitely talk more about this clinic to anyone who thinks about going there. Absolutely disgusted with those people. They're all fake. This is vile.First review:The lady's are absolute Angels! Thereceptionist has a big smile when you comethrough the door! I unfortunately don'tremember the dental hygienist's name, butshe was Asian, kind of tan, short hair, cansee the big smile through her mask gAnyway, she made me feel verycomfortable, she listened to everything Ihad to say, tried to find the best treatmentfor my case. Really amazing lady's in thisfacility!*On the other hand.. the guy who did thetreatment was.. different. I don't know if hehad a bad lunch or just a bad day (ad) But helooked like he did NOT want to be there.Don't get me wrong, he did a great job, but Iimmediately felt uncomfortable the minutehe chatted with me. He was moredisinclined.. But I do believe in secondchances and hope for a better appointmentnext time

Alexandra CloutierAlexandra Cloutier10:48 08/15/22
Amazing service and very friendly and caring staff! The little ‘ extras’ like a nice welcome, warm towels and being able to watch Netflix on the ceiling make the experience that much more pleasant 🙂

Joanna LiJoanna Li23:43 08/11/22
Had a very good experience at Lake Dentaire, would definitely recommend them. The receptionist and dental hygienist were very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Jason was very professional and respectful. Great atmosphere!

Rachelle WienerRachelle Wiener22:04 08/10/22

Giovanni ValentinoGiovanni Valentino13:00 08/10/22
Went for the first time for a cleaning, and I was pleasantly surprised how friendly, informative and approachable the whole staff was. The office was super clean, they have new and excellent equipment, the ceiling TVs are really cool and we're actually a very nice touch to make the cleaning process go by alot faster. The Tv was also used to show first hand the x-rays and pictures from in your mouth. Really helped to give a visual analysis to make informed decisions on what procedures might need to be done in the future. Overall an excellent experience!

Leonid KopachevskiLeonid Kopachevski09:56 08/10/22

Mary Louise ArnoldoMary Louise Arnoldo23:28 08/09/22
Perfect as usual!!

David MamaneDavid Mamane23:32 08/06/22

Amazing experience. The staff is very attentive. Dr Jason is really nice 😀And the screens will make your child want to stay in the dentist chair all day long!

Jona GJona G23:50 08/04/22

Ephraim BaluyotEphraim Baluyot23:36 08/04/22

RARA22:44 07/13/22
booked a last minute appointment because of horrible tooth pain and i had the absolute best experience! I have a bit of a fear of the dentist and they made me so comfortable and made the entire experience such a pleasant one!Thank you guys so much!! also they have a TV in the room to keep you distracted which is one of the smartest things i have ever seen!

Angela BruniAngela Bruni16:20 07/13/22
I had such a great first experience at Lake Dentaire.Everyone was so kind and empathetic- something that not many of us associate with going to the dentist. They took the time to get to know me and also listened to my concerns and anxieties around procedures. Realistic solutions were offered without pressure tactics- something I very much appreciated.The facilities are the nicest dental offices I've ever seen. It was clean, welcoming, bright and featured little touches like televisions on the ceiling to distract patients.I look forward to my next appointment and would recommend Lake Dentaire to anyone looking for a more compassionate dental experience.

Jennifer Marie LucuJennifer Marie Lucu10:59 07/13/22
A very clean an modern office and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment 🙂

Gabrielle LeprohonGabrielle Leprohon23:39 07/12/22

Nazanin MovahediNazanin Movahedi00:15 07/07/22
The best place

NickNick23:31 07/06/22
Was my first time going there for a clean up, amazing staff and very friendly. They let you choose any movie or show that you want to watch during the appointment, I have never lived that before. I will most definitely be going back there. I was very impressed

Niloufar KharraziNiloufar Kharrazi20:21 07/06/22

Cassaundra RaposoCassaundra Raposo02:08 07/02/22
I have always had negative associations with dentists and cleanings. This was such an amazing atmosphere and experience, would 100% recommend.

Sol BursikSol Bursik15:26 06/30/22
Never thought I would spend such a good time at the dentist! :)Great Team

Catherine HudsonCatherine Hudson20:32 06/29/22
Great Husband and Wife team, such a pleasant visit, everyone is so nice.The clinic is the cleanest I have ever seen! And to be able to watch TV while they work on your mouth is an added bonus and it takes away my anxiety.Would definitely recommend Lake Dentaire!Outstanding care from the minute you walk in .Thank you so much for caring.

First time going to this dentist, found them through google search and I’m not disappointed at all. Very friendly stuff , felt super comfortable. Got an appointment the same day . Office are clean and organized. You get to watch any show of your choice on Netflix while you wait . I had a great experiences & will be going back for future work!

Joël BoucherJoël Boucher23:51 06/28/22
I enjoy going to Lake Dentaire, they take good care of you, the team is super nice, they got the latest equipment and the office is super nice! You can watch Your favourite show/movie while getting your cleaning done with the television in the ceiling. Strongly recommend!

Mila OrdonaMila Ordona23:50 06/28/22

Dan CovaliuDan Covaliu23:30 06/28/22

E CollinsE Collins23:28 06/28/22

Dave ChungDave Chung20:03 06/28/22
Friendly staff and atmosphere, very clean and modern space. Open to questions and checked in with me frequently during the appointment to make sure I was comfortable.

mary Bmary B23:35 06/22/22
Amazing service! Very friendly staff and environment. No need to look further for your next dental appointment would definetely recommend Lake Dentaire!

Facundo FrancoFacundo Franco12:13 06/16/22
Very kind people, the place is perfectly cleaned. Very recomended

Kylie GoldmanKylie Goldman14:16 06/15/22
Thank you Lake Dentaire for a great experience! You made my cleaning and check-up so stress free and I really felt like you listened to my concerns and addressed them. The TVs were a very nice touch as well 🙂

Ajay Babu PazhayattilAjay Babu Pazhayattil23:28 06/14/22

Julia ShprintsakJulia Shprintsak14:54 06/07/22
I’ve been going to Lake Dentaire for almost 2 years. This team focuses a lot on patient care and making sure that you are comfortable. Very professional team and clean spaces. Bonus: they even let you watch your favorite TV show on Netflix during your appointment! I would definitely recommend Lake Dentaire!

amir dehghanbaramir dehghanbar00:02 06/01/22

Trac GymTrac Gym23:30 05/31/22
What a life saver! I was urgently looking for someone to help me with a cracked tooth! Called them in desperation and they took me same day!!! The result was more than I would of ever expected!!! I am switching dentists and bringing my whole family to this place! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy dentist with amazing skills! Thankyou guys for everything!

Viji NViji N21:26 05/28/22
The staff were all super professional and friendly and made the experience relaxing and comfortable.

Jumboo PizzaJumboo Pizza19:22 05/27/22
The work they do is fine and the atmosphere is really nice however I can not continue to go here anymore, the hours are less than reasonable. They used to be open on the weekends, slowly they started cutting down time and now they only take apointments 3 days a week, monday-wednesday. How are people that have regular work schedules supposed to go to a place like this, you would think they would be a little more accomodating. Also the fees have increased, not that theres anything wrong with the current price, but when the hours are so bad that the only way to go here is take a personal day from work, it makes you think about your opportunity cost. My opportunity cost has led me to another dentist that actual has hours that accomodates working people

Wesley PotapowiczWesley Potapowicz23:17 05/21/22
The staff is very friendly and professional, always available when you have an emergency. I'm very satisfied with the treatments which my wife and I have received. Highly recommended.

Samy AmzallagSamy Amzallag14:43 05/19/22

Kosta TzevelekosKosta Tzevelekos19:25 05/16/22

Tavi AliTavi Ali23:48 05/12/22

Daniel DismemberDaniel Dismember23:29 05/11/22

Jordan McauslandJordan Mcausland22:46 05/11/22
Excellent dentists and very professional staff! They are all very friendly and make sure you get the best quality of care.

Lina KhouryLina Khoury00:58 05/11/22

Adrienne FrankAdrienne Frank23:51 05/04/22

Royon ReynoldsRoyon Reynolds12:11 05/03/22

Mary PotofskyMary Potofsky02:18 05/03/22
10/10 recommend Lake Dentaire for all your dental needs! Going to the dentist has always made me feel nervous but both Rachel and Dr.Schneidman had me at ease during the entire experience. The team does a great job at creating a positive, comfortable atmosphere from the minute you step foot in the office. Can't forget to mention that you can watch Netflix right in the comfort of the dentist chair! Cannot say enough good things!

Tracy MohamedTracy Mohamed00:53 05/03/22
Took my 2 children for their very first dentist appointment and they had such a wonderful experience. Everyone was really kind and friendly.

Ayoub AamarAyoub Aamar20:26 04/26/22
Super belle clinique et le personnel et top 👌👌👌

LOGan MargaritisLOGan Margaritis05:29 04/26/22

Chantal/Eugene MackidChantal/Eugene Mackid23:54 04/25/22
The best experience I have ever had at the dentist . I highly recommend going here . Not only was the atmosphere like that of a spa , The people were super friendly and amazing . I can’t believe I’m saying this .. But .. I look forward to going back .

Kelsey MartinKelsey Martin13:39 04/22/22

Steven WeinmanSteven Weinman01:00 04/21/22
So happy to have a professional and reliable dental office right in the heart of the West Island. Lake dentaire is on the cutting edge of technology and their staff are top notch. Thank you for helping me and family have bright and healthy smiles. 10/10!! Thank you!!

BberriganBberrigan23:38 04/07/22
Excellent place in all aspects. From the begginning to end. Was super easy to book online, covid precedures followed 100%, the hygenist who did my cleaning was beyond fantastic. I walked in beyond nervous, nd very shortly after i arrived my anxiety disapated!** Have been multiple times now, each as great as the last! Highly reccomend

Lily WassermanLily Wasserman13:02 04/07/22

Sarah St.GermaineSarah St.Germaine20:11 04/06/22
Awesome, amazing and friendly staff. Very clean. Staff explained, described everything to you and showed all pics/x-rays on screen. Will be going back!!

zoltan koszoltan kos12:36 04/02/22

Sandra ArieSandra Arie01:44 04/02/22

Endtoeknee PeyoteEndtoeknee Peyote15:13 03/24/22
Great service and staff are professional. I would recommend anytime, 5/5

Blue SkyBlue Sky12:32 03/22/22
It was honestly such a good ambiance! The dentist and their workers make you feel as comfortable as possible! They precisely detail and explain everything that is necessary. The place is also very new, all their equipments are brand new and efficient. I was very happy with their service and how welcoming their staff were. Definitely will recommend to friends and family for future reference!😊

Antonio RamAntonio Ram23:34 03/21/22
Best Dentist office I have been in years. Very welcoming and a genuinely happy team. Up to date technology and extremely clean. They are honest and give great explanation. 👍🏽

Keeyana TongeKeeyana Tonge23:28 03/20/22

Zixun JiangZixun Jiang13:35 03/20/22
I am a new client at Lake Dentaire, and I am glad that I chose them!The front desk Erica is amazing. Since I first reached out, she has been nothing but helpful. she answered all my questions and explained things in details so clearly and patiently.My Dental hygienist was Pavi. She was very professional with great skills. Besides, she listened to me and understands my concerns. After Dr. Schneidman checked my teeth, they explained the treatment plan, and helped me make my own decision.I was there for my first examination, and I would give more details about the treatment experience later.They charged in a reasonale way. Erica helped me send the files to the insurance company.

philip demersphilip demers00:38 03/18/22
Best dentist experience I’ve ever had! The staff are all incredibly friendly. The hygienists are gentle and respectful of your sensitivities during the cleaning. The dentists are also very gentle, kind and informative. And to top it all off they offer you the option to watch any Netflix or Disney+ show/movie while getting your cleaning! All together an amazing place 😊

Berenice LejarsBerenice Lejars00:24 03/18/22
Today was my first appointment here. The staff was very welcoming, on time for the appointment, the place was spic and span and they offered me a choice of streaming during my treatment! Very pleased and looking forward to my next appointment! Highly recommend.

Lara SudiaLara Sudia14:57 03/16/22
This was my first visit here and they had amazing service, I could not recommend them more. The reception, hygienists and dentist were all so kind and patient with me. The office was clean and decorated nicely. I had a great experience and will be returning for sure. I also appreciated that you can book an appointment online.

Matthew SaroopMatthew Saroop02:14 03/08/22
Honestly, the staff is amazing! Overwhelmingly kind and always go the extra mile. They are extremely organized and emphasize customer experience!

Djamil FrancisDjamil Francis04:09 03/07/22
Had a great time at Lake Dentaire, Pavi was awesome! Thanks for the breakdown Dr.Schneidman.

db sofidb sofi17:48 03/04/22

Jonathan DiamondJonathan Diamond15:06 03/04/22

Fariba SalehiFariba Salehi04:07 03/04/22
I had the best visit with my dentist, truly appreciate their work.

Abbie ElaaragAbbie Elaarag15:31 03/03/22
An amazing place! The entire staff is so thoughtful and caring. Dr. Schneidman is great! Every visit is stress free, pain free, and oh so pleasant 🙂

Rose-marie QuaglieriRose-marie Quaglieri00:28 03/03/22
I recommend Lake dentaire 100%I have seen at least 20 dentists in my lifetime 55 years.the staff is so attentive and professional. The hygienists are Incredibly knowledgable and professional they put their patients at ease we can only trust them. What is there to say about the dentists themselves? Outstanding I would get more than five stars if I could kudos!!!!! I found Lake dentaire on Google….My question was Google find me the best dentist in Montreal and they came first. Now I know why they are 25 km from my home but it was worth the drive.

K RatnasingamK Ratnasingam19:07 03/02/22
I had such a great experience at Lake Dentaire. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr.Schneidman is also very friendly and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend going to them for any of your dental concerns.

Andrea BAndrea B14:08 02/17/22
Great with my kids! My kids actually enjoy going to the dentist!

Helen PasekHelen Pasek13:25 02/17/22
My first visit was great! Clean offices and very friendly staff!

matty gmatty g19:33 02/11/22

meira alonmeira alon18:32 02/11/22
Highly recommended amazing clinic! Super welcoming and fabulous staff. The clinic is modern and clean it was a pleasure being there, I look forward to going back.

mehdi hojjatimehdi hojjati13:42 02/11/22
Great people and excellent friendly environment.

Alin PicaAlin Pica22:00 02/09/22
Great experience. The staff is very nice and friendly. I find very practical that appointments can be done through the website and communications are made through text. They also have Netflix in the rooms so you can watch shows while the work is being done, which I find pretty cool!

Chris ThompsonChris Thompson16:43 02/07/22
Great people! Super friendly and very professional, it was really relaxing and stress free they're amazing!!! Il definitely be going back!

Kayla BeffertKayla Beffert15:36 02/07/22
Service was great. Everyone is so friendly! Super Clean!

Jessie AltenhofJessie Altenhof00:16 02/04/22
Friendly atmosphere, very professional. My kids are very comfortable with going and love the staff.

melissa germainmelissa germain00:55 02/02/22

DevynLeeMDevynLeeM01:57 02/01/22
Always an amazing experience at Lake Dental. My hygienist is the absolute best. Dr. Schneidman is super nice. They have TV's in the treatment rooms! Also they have heated face cloths for after your treatment. Just an overall terrific clinic. Couldn't recommend more!

Laura GentileLaura Gentile03:44 01/29/22
I’ve never been so pleased and at ease with my dentist never ! I know I’m in the best hands and can finally trust , I will be properly taken care of ! Thank you Lake dentaire !

Monica SamuelMonica Samuel00:32 01/29/22

maria luisa bortolinmaria luisa bortolin00:31 01/27/22

Caroline Ghosn-DicksCaroline Ghosn-Dicks19:56 01/26/22
Impeccable service.Clean and modern equipment which makes your exam and teeth cleaning so much easier.The hygienist is AMAZING! Appart of her being very knowledgeable, she is also very gentle and she has a very light hand you don’t feel her working.I loved how clear they are in what needs to be done. They are transparent and will show you the detailed bill. They will transfer the information to your insurance.If you are expecting a big bill they will offer payment plans.The dentist (Jason) is very nice. Also very gentle. He explains what needs to be done in priority. He and will let you chose how you want to handle your treatment plan with the hygienist. And trust me, she is not pushy !Thank you for the great experience. I happy to have found a great dental office.

Bob TurnerBob Turner10:52 01/25/22

jibirin danpullojibirin danpullo00:29 01/25/22
I was very happy with the service I received and the entire staff is so friendly. I will definitely recommend lake dentaire.

Miguel CasteloMiguel Castelo19:32 01/20/22
Super friendly staff, very professional. They make every dentist appointment stress-free and let you watch your favorite show on Netflix and other streaming services during your appointment which contributes to the pleasant experience.They also give good advice on how to keep healthy teeth and offer payment plans for the treatments if needed.The staff always makes sure that I am comfortable during the visit and listen to my concerns.I would recommend Lake Dentaire to anyone looking for a good dentist, dental cleaning, etc.

Nathanael deSouzaNathanael deSouza01:39 01/20/22
10/10 love the service here, never thought going to the dentist could be such a positive experience! The staff are super friendly and professional (s/o Erica at the front desk for being so patient lol). The service is thorough and Dr. Jason gives helpful recommendations on any questions. Highly recommend! 🙂

stephanie Martelstephanie Martel00:32 01/20/22
They are friendly, very knowledgeable and they make sure you understand everything that is happening. They make you feel comfortable and at ease. They speak french and English.

Amanda AlbaneseAmanda Albanese00:29 01/20/22

jj jkjj jk16:09 01/19/22

Rachel FitzgibbonRachel Fitzgibbon02:01 01/19/22
The environment is clean and comfortable, the staff is friendly, kind, and helpful, the service is always great and they turn the stressful event of going to the dentist into a pain free and good experience! I am very happy I found them and I am so pleased with the level of care I’ve received!

Vyshica PVyshica P02:22 01/18/22
This was my first time at Lake Dentaire and the service was amazing. The staff are super friendly and the environment is very welcoming. Detailed explainations were provided for each procedure and all my questions were answered. Would highly recommend Lake Dentaire!

Katy UretskyKaty Uretsky22:22 01/16/22

Evan JetteEvan Jette13:25 01/13/22
Great facilities with new equipment and excellent staff who communicate everything very clearly!

V PV P17:35 01/10/22
Such friendly staff and an incredibly accommodating and comfortable environment! They are sure to keep themselves accessible to you for any questions or concerns and promptly reply with care. Everyone is knowledgable and and the priority is making sure the patient is at ease and is walked through all procedures. So grateful for the team!

Ali QamarAli Qamar00:34 12/23/21
Love the service here! Everyone is very nice and friendly and I enjoy every visit here. I highly recommend this place for everyone looking for a dentist!

Brameya SivanathanBrameya Sivanathan00:48 12/18/21

karen rainbowkaren rainbow02:12 12/16/21

Ilysa GIlysa G01:44 12/16/21
Very clean place , netflix for the kids and very nice staff 🙂 very good first visit 🙂

Tharanan SinnathuraiTharanan Sinnathurai01:11 12/16/21

Derrick YenDerrick Yen00:31 12/16/21
Great experience and friendly staff.

Myriame ZakariaMyriame Zakaria19:17 12/15/21

Krisselle LazatinKrisselle Lazatin18:02 12/15/21
The service provided is top notch, I would personally come back and recommend this dentist to others if they are looking for a dentist! Great job!

Thomas WillardThomas Willard02:16 12/15/21

Mona RahimiMona Rahimi00:16 12/14/21
Today, my kids had a great experience with professional and amazing staffs in Lake Dentaire! Thanks:)

Donna RichardsonDonna Richardson00:28 12/09/21

JacobJacob21:11 12/08/21
Always a great experience at Lake Dentaire! Amazing staff and environment. The staff members are very professional, respectful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend booking your next appointment at Lake Dentaire, I know I will!

Vicky OuelletteVicky Ouellette13:31 12/08/21

Ariane MontpetituuAriane Montpetituu19:59 12/04/21

Gina CastilloGina Castillo14:21 12/04/21

Blanca BobadillaBlanca Bobadilla12:25 12/04/21

cantva1 cantva1cantva1 cantva122:10 12/02/21
I had a great experience at Lake Dentaire. Everybody was very friendly. Being able to watch Netflix while having my teeth cleaned was a plus.

Christina GrenierChristina Grenier13:01 11/30/21
I went to Lake Dentaire with an emergency, they were very kind and made sure I felt comfortable. I really appreciate their kindness as someone who is very afraid of the dentist, and I look forward to going back.

Wendy TarryWendy Tarry00:40 11/30/21

jimbel nasoljimbel nasol22:07 11/29/21

Tracey O'BrienTracey O'Brien14:10 11/28/21
Excellent staff, so caring and professional! I will definitely be going back as a regular patient.

Meghan FeenyMeghan Feeny05:31 11/26/21

Michael HarropMichael Harrop01:00 11/25/21
Myself and my children had our first appointment this week and I was very impressed with how friendly and professional all the staff were. The rooms were super clean and fitted out with the latest technology. I highly recommend using them. 👍👍👍👍👍

Yan MathieuYan Mathieu00:30 11/25/21
Very nice place! Clean, of course :)All covid precautions taken!Super friendly staff, comfy chairs with netflix available!! (tv on wall and ceiling)Great prices and they aren't pushy at all in terms of what work you need to get done. They show you what they saw, and you choose what you want fix or improved with several payment plans!

Mahshid SaatsazMahshid Saatsaz21:42 11/24/21
We LOVE Lake Dentaire! Our whole family has been going since they opened and we are very happy. My kids (4 and 6) love going to the dentist. The TVs and the toy vending machines at the end of the appointment are a big hit with my kids. The hygenists are always very friendly and both dentists are great and knowledgeable! Overall great experience every time.

Fahad ElsabawiFahad Elsabawi17:43 11/24/21
Great service, beautiful place, kind people.

Mychael IttahMychael Ittah15:38 11/24/21
ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Everything you want from a dental clinic! Excellent staff, service and environment from the moment you walk in. The hygienists are extremely friendly and really make sure you are comfortable and well taken care of. Dr. Schneidman addressed the tooth pain I was experiencing and explained the potential causes and how it may be mitigated. Very professional yet friendly and I truly felt like I was in good hands. Prices are very reasonable and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone!

Eric DunnEric Dunn02:00 11/23/21
Great dentist for the whole family. They go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed and appreciated. Excellent, professional treatment

Sam HarropSam Harrop00:29 11/23/21
Fabulous, ours kids were welcomed so kindly and made to feel so comfortable. They have not stopped talking about how great going to the dentist is! Highly recommend

Rathi SivakumarRathi Sivakumar00:27 11/23/21

Mohammad NadiMohammad Nadi14:00 11/22/21
Awesome service with the nicest people and very good responsibility

Ikram SonallahIkram Sonallah03:59 11/22/21
Very nice staff, wonderful doctor Schneidman, made my visit comfortable. I would recommend anytime.

Nana PoeungNana Poeung00:26 11/21/21

TinaSci22TinaSci2219:13 11/20/21

Andrew TeoliAndrew Teoli00:27 11/20/21

Et LegerEt Leger02:41 11/18/21
Great staff clean location.love the technology and up-to-date equipment

Sandra BraytonSandra Brayton02:20 11/18/21
I had a wonderful first time visit today.The staff were extremely professional, curtious and very caring .Lovely office, but I must say the Dr himself, his wife, and colleagues went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I would highly recommend Lake Dental . Thank you for taking such good care of me

Paula RenusaPaula Renusa00:37 11/18/21

Ricky GandhiRicky Gandhi00:49 11/16/21
Great service and the entire team works to provide an amazing experience.

Martha GuerraMartha Guerra00:39 11/16/21
Great service! Everyone's really nice and attentive and they try to make your visit as comfortable as possible

Melissa RideoughMelissa Rideough21:25 11/14/21
So far I've only been here once but loved the visit. The receptionist, dental assistant and dentist are all very friendly. It was a great experience getting something done that... let's face it, we all hate getting done!You give your insurance information and pay it all up front while they send it to your insurance. My insurance company was pretty quick at getting back to me and paid me maybe a day or two later.I had a dental exam, cleaning and x-rays. I was given a treatment plan to fix my fillings, so I'll be getting that done over the course of a few appointments.I brought my son here as well. One of the benefits for kids is that they have TV screens where you can watch Netflix or Disney+ while they look at your mouth. I wasn't sure how my son would be for his first appointment, so this was a nice distraction.All in all a great experience and I look forward to returning!

maryam khademolrezamaryam khademolreza12:52 11/13/21
I have very bad experience in this place and never ever go back there.my son had an appointment for check up and treatment so I was at work and I send him with my older son then they didn't tell this kind of prevention no covering with insurance because he is above 14 years old. They did sealant for him that wasn't supposed to do it .It's not professional .I called them and send my son but nothing changed and I payed almost 450$ from my pocket why? Because they see some young kids and no explain very well to take them money ?I'm so disappointed and it's not professional to don't try to keep your client and say OK i will close your file.before I suggested to all my friends to go here now I change my mind and I suggest to shop going there

Anuj GunaAnuj Guna22:15 11/10/21
Lake Dentaire is filled with the most friendly and happy people I’ve ever came across if I could give it 100 star outta 10 I would 🙂 the second you come inside your greeted by a nice girl by the name of Kathleen. Pavii is the girl that took care of me and she was amazing ! She was so helpful to answer all my questions and made sure I knew what I was getting done, they also have a TV on the ceiling ! Was also greeted by the wonderful staff that made it feel like home, I would for sure recommend anyone to come do all dental work here since it was the best cleaning experience for both me and my teeth! 😁💯

Saba MushtaqSaba Mushtaq17:42 11/08/21
I had pain my my teeth and I called them they vave me appointment for the next hour an half, very friendly staff, The prices are reasonable aswell, I will highly recommend them. Bc

Karen VKaren V17:40 11/07/21
The staff was very courteous and professional. Would highly recommend to my friends and family!

About Lake Dentaire

We’ve created a unique experience where there are no judgements, there is no pressure, where you can get your dental care done while watching your favourite shows and where you can be yourself.

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We walk you through all of your treatment options and we figure out a plan together.

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We do a complete exam, full mouth x-rays and cleaning and go over everything in detail.

$299 (reg. price $409)


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