Get to Know Us

Dr. Jason Schneidman

Dentist / Founder

  • My role at Lake Dentaire: I’m the co-founder of Lake Dentaire! My wife, Nazanin, and I met at McGill, when we were both in dental school. Over the years, we talked about opening our own practice together and we worked hard to make that dream become a reality. We opened Lake Dentaire in February 2019 with the goal of changing the way patients perceive dentistry. We have created a calm and fun environment for all members of the family! I’m the main clinician in our practice and I really enjoy getting to meet and help different people in our community!
  • I speak: English and French!
  • Where am I from: I was born and raised in Montreal West! Nazanin convinced me to move to the West Island and we ended up living in Dollard-des-Ormeaux for about 3 years but we recently moved to Kirkland!
  • What I like to do in my free time: I really enjoy playing golf. It’s something I started at a young age but only took up again a few years ago. I can also spend hours on Youtube watching cooking videos! I love food and discovering new restaurants! I’m also big into sports and you will often find me on my phone looking over every aspect of my Fantasy Sports teams. I’m also a big fan of gardening and enjoy watching my herbs and vegetables grow (and get eaten by squirrels) in the summer!

Dr. Nazanin Hojjati

Dentist / Founder / Manager

  • My role at Lake Dentaire: I’m the other co-founder of Lake Dentaire! Jason and I have worked hard over the years to turn this practice into a reality and it’s been such a pleasure and honour to have the support and trust of so many patients in our community! I’m mainly focused on managing our practice. I oversee our team, take care of marketing and make sure our practice is as amazing as it can be!
  • I speak: English, French, Farsi and a little bit of Spanish!
  • Where am I from: I was born in Montreal but have lived all over the world. I’m happy to say though that I have lived in Dollard-des-Ormeaux since my early teens and I now live in Kirkland. I consider myself a West Islander!
  • What I like to do in my free time: My family is very important to me and I really love spending quality time with them! I also really enjoy shopping! Though I prefer the experience of in-store shopping, I also will do some online shopping when I don’t feel like going out into the world. I love trying new restaurants! Jason and I also love to travel and discover new countries and cultures! Though I never thought I would because it seemed boring, I recently took up golfing and I’m now a big fan!


Dental Hygienist

  • My role at Lake Dentaire: I’m a dental hygienist at Lake Dentaire! I provide preventive treatments for my patients such as cleanings, sealants, fluoride and much more. Apart from that, I really enjoy getting to know my patients, sometimes creating a bond with them by getting extremely enthusiastic over Disney princess movies!
  • I speak: English and French. While I understand Tagalog, I’m too shy to speak it!
  • Where am I from: I have been living in Dollard-des-Ormeaux since I was one!
  • What I like to do in my free time:  I enjoy playing video games and going out for walks with my dogs!



  • My role at Lake Dentaire: I’m a Dental Assistant at Lake Dentaire! I assist Dr. Schneidman and make sure that the procedures run smoothly. I prepare the treatment rooms for our patients and answer all their questions about their treatments and dental conditions. I love helping patients so that they leave with a smile!
  • I speak: English, French and Mandarin
  • Where am I from: I grew up in China and moved to Canada in 2012. I now live in Dollard-des-Ormeaux and I love the area!
  • What I like to do in my free time:  I love reading novels, manga, and watching Netflix. I’m also a foodie and like to try new restaurants. I have two cats back home who are staying with my parents. Both were street cats that we rescued and brought home!



  • My role at Lake Dentaire:  I’m a dental assistant at Lake Dentaire! I help the clinical team and I also take care of the sterilization. I’m also trained to handle the front desk. I’m ecstatic to be a part of this amazing team! What I enjoy most about my job is getting to know our patients.
  • I speak: English, French and a bit of Tagalog.
  • Where am I from: I was raised in Coolbrook until the age of 4 and then we moved to the West Island and we haven’t left since!
  • What I like to do in my free time: I like to spend time with my friends and family. We’re such a huge family! I’m happy that most of them live in Montreal because my family is very important to me. You can also find me at the gym! I train about 4 times a week. However, most of my time is spent with my little dachshund, Spock. I take him almost everywhere with me. We go on all kinds of adventures!